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The Roadmare Union (ロードメア連邦 Rōdomea Renpō?) is a country located in the world that Touya Mochizuki was sent to. It is a country that is composed of seven provinces, each of which is ruled by a elected governor, while the country itself is ruled by a doge that is chosen from among the seven governors. In the future, this country becomes a republic called Republic of Roadmare (ロードメア共和国 Rōdomea Kyōwakoku?)[1]


The Roadmare Union is a country that has been split into seven separate provinces, each controlled by their own governor. They are follows : The Central Province, The Highland Province, The Mountain Province, The Lakeside Province, The Riverside Province, The High Plains Province & The Forge Province .

Notable People

  • Volk Ragil: The governor of the Central Province and the former doge of Roadmare.[2]
  • Edgar Bowman: The designer and creator of an army of wood golems that was intended to defend the country[2] against the Phrase.
  • Audrey Leliban: The governor of the Highland Province and the new doge.[3]
  • Limit Limitex: The Commander of the Highland Province Knight Order. [3]


  • Paneramare: The capital of the Roadmare Union [4]


  • Approximately 200 years before the start of the story, Roadmare was part of the Regulus Empire before establishing itself as a separate country.[2]


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