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Sakura ( Sakura?) is one of Touya Mochizuki's wives[5]. She survived from an assassination attempt after being rescued by Touya. However, she suffered amnesia was given the temporary name Sakura by Touya. Later, it was revealed that her real name is Farnese Forneus (ファルネーゼ・フォルネウス Farunēze Foruneusu?) but she decided to use Sakura as her name[6]. She is actually planned as the successor of Demon Kingdom of Xenoahs. Currently, she stays with Touya at Brunhild Dukedom.


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Sakura after limb regeneration.
Sakura's daily attire.

When she first appeared in the series, she was a young girl with pure white hair, which has a strand that prominently curls to the left, and a pair of violet eyes. Later it shown that her hair is actually slightly reddish, which resembles the lighter color of the Sakura (cherry) flower. Prior to the series, she was bestowed with the Protean Eye (変幻の瞳 Hengen no Hitomi?) medallion, which altered her face and changed her hair color from slightly reddish into black. This was so other demonkin would not be able to identify her.

In addition to the Protean Eye, her usual outfit consists of a purple knee-length dress, over which she wears a crimson and white jacket that opens at the bottom and flares behind her. she also wears silver sandals.

After regaining her memories, she shown to have a pair of horns on her head, the length of which she can adjust by will, as long as she has sufficient magical power


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Sakura is a soft-spoken individual who is the least emotionally expressive out of Touya's wives. She doesn't talk very often and, when she had amnesia, did not seem keen on regaining her memories. Even after regaining a portion of her memory with Touya's [Recall], she has no attachment to Xenoahs and only to her mother.

Sakura can be quite pushy and determined; unfortunately she is also quite blunt. Shame seems to be something Sakura doesn't have much of; after shopping at a ladieswear store in the Reverse World, she wondered if Touya wanted to see what she bought. Her constant insults to father Zelgadi von Xenoahs is also her version of being kind; as she doesn't go much further than stating her opinion.

Her main skill is her musical talent. She is an amazing singer who can memorize song lyrics after hearing them only once.


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  • Magic: She has aptitude towards water, dark and null magic.[7]
  • Null Magic: She is able to use null magic spell, Teleport.[8]: Sakura had little experience or control of this spell.
  • Dark Magic: Sakura can summon familiars. Mr. Mittens is her personal summon and has been charged by Sakura to guard her mother
  • Super Hearing (超聴覚 Chō chōkaku?) - it is Sakura's "Dependent Trait" (眷属特性 Kenzoku Tokusei?). As a "Retainer" (眷属 Kenzoku?) of Touya Mochizuki and Sousuke Mochizuki, she is bestowed mainly by Touya's divine power with a super sharp hearing ability[9].


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  • Rossweisse[10] - Sakura's exclusive Frame Gears which is a mass-fight support type FG.
  • Sacred Ring[11] - Sakura received platinum gold ring from World God as wedding gift which was given through the great spirits. The ring is a sacred treasure which can act as receiver for Touya's divine power.


  • "King, I'm hungry." - Sakura before her wedding kiss[12].


No speculations and rumors, just fun facts!
  • Her last name, Forneus, in demonology is the name of The Great Marquis of Hell.
  • Sakura wears Sun Astronomical Symbol on her pendant.
Sun Symbol on Sakura's pendant.
Sun Astronomical Symbol.
  • Sakura never calls Touya by name.


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