In Another World With My Smartphone Wiki

The Smartphone is a device that Touya Mochizuki was allowed to bring with him as part of the apology from God for accidentally causing Touya's death.


Touya uses his phone as a source of information and it can also be enchanted with null magic. Due to the lack of technology in the magical world, Touya calls it a type of Null magic device that only he can use. Though Leen and Regina Babylon consider it to be an artifact.


  • Internet access
  • Battery can be recharged with magic
  • Cannot call anyone from Earth but can contact God or any other person
  • Navigational maps of the magical world
  • Clock
  • Camera
  • Magical enchantment of Search,Long Sense,Drawing, Multiple,Aports and Program.
  • Self upgrade: It automatically updates itself with the latest model of the same line.
  • Unlimited credit, it can be used for digital purchased such as apps, movies and e-books.


  • Based on the interface of the camera, Touya's phone is probably based off on a model of an iPhone in between 7th to 11th generations.
  • Regina Babylon was able to analyze the inner workings of the device and create generic copies for Touya to give to his brides, friends and allies. These models do not have all the magical capabilities of Touya's phone, nor can they interface with Earth's Internet, but are equipped for communication with other phones, have a camera, clock and other 'special apps' that Babylon installed, including a self-destruct function.
  • God said Touya could charge the phone with magic, but he's never seen charging it himself; suggesting it automatically absorbs magic from him passively, as Touya never mentions seeing the battery getting low.
  • During the Evil God Threat arc, God mentions that the smartphone is considered a sacred treasure by the Divine Realm; since besides being connected to Earth's internet even on other worlds, it has also been [Program]ed numerous times by Touya, making it a powerful magic tool.