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Wikia Editing Style

Image File Names

Now we are using automatic image fetching for some tables and infoboxes
unless the files are named correctly, they won't show up properly,
so please use the correct nomenclature when uploading the images.

For Light Novel Covers:

  • JP cover: IsesumaLNV{volume number}.jpg
  • EN cover: IsesumaLNV{volume number}.jpg

For Manga Chapter Covers:

  • B/W: Manga_ep{chapter number}.png
  • Color: Manga_ep{chapter number}.jpg

For Manga Volume Cover:

  • IsesumaMangaV{volume number}.jpg


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The referencing system used in this wikia

instead of using the usual tag for creating references,
<ref>Web Novel Chapter something #something</ref>

now you can use this template for making references,
{{qref|<wnch>|<ln lnch lnpage>|<manga>|<page>|<anime>|<text>}}
and makes your live easier and better

for example:

<ref>Web Novel Chapter 11 # 82</ref>
<ref>Web Novel Chapter 15 # 107</ref>
<ref>Web Novel Arc 1 Chapter #5— Manga Vol. 1 Chapter 1 (p. 26)— Anime Episode 1, Touya dodged a knife stabbing as he could see the knife trajectory.</ref>


{{Qref|wnch=5|anime=1|manga=1|page=26|text=Touya dodged a knife stabbing as he could see the knife trajectory.}}

The full list can be seen in this link, {{qref}}

If you want to help me with proofread or editing, please tell me!

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