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Water Magic (水魔法 Mizumahō?) is one of the attributes of elemental magic that exist in the In Another World With My Smartphone series. This type of magic is exclusive to mages with the Water (水属性 Mizuzokusei?) affinity.


Aptitude Test

Main article: Magic#Magic Mechanics

A mage needs to have affinity toward the Water attribute before they can use water magic[1]. To test one's aptitude with certain attribute, a magic stone can be used[2]. The magic stone amplifies and releases the user's magic power into the certain element that the respective stone represents[1]. The magic stone for the water attribute is blue colored[3]. If a person chants the element summoning spell while holding a magic stone, and the magic stone reacts, then the person has an aptitude for that attribute[1].

Spell Name Element Summoning Magic Water.png
The users summon a blast of water while holding water magic stone for testing their water attribute affinity.
Incantation 水よ来たれ
Literal Translation Water, Come!
Official Translation Come forth, Water!
Known Users Debut
  • Any magic user with water attribute aptitude

Spell Mechanics

Main article: Magic#Spell Mechanics
Magic mechanics.png

Before one can cast a magic spell, the user must have aptitude toward the element and chant the spell incantation correctly[4].Like most of the elemental magic spells, the user needs to chant the magic spell in order to activate the magic (except for null magic[5]). In addition, the user needs to understand the magic spell effect or form before they can activate the magic properly[6]. The spell incantation is compromised with three sentences which latter part is written in katakana for English words[7], which is language that is alien for anyone in this world (Aside from Touya) [8].

List of Water Magic Users

List of Known Spells

Spell Name Aqua Cutter (アクアカッター Akuakattā?) Magic Water.png
The user slashes at the target with a blade of compressed water
Incantation 水よ来たれ、清冽なる刀刃、アクアカッター
Literal Translation Water Come, Be a clear sword blade, Aqua Cutter
Official Translation Come forth, Water! Feel My Blade, Both Cold and Clear: [Aqua Cutter]
Known Users Debut
Spell Name Aqua Shell (アクアシェル Akuasheru?) Magic Water.png
The user creates a wall of water that can block or dissipate attacks
Incantation 水よ来たれ、螺旋の防壁、アクアシェル
Literal Translation Water come, Spiral barrier, Aqua Shell
Official Translation Gather forth, Water! Swirling Shield: [Aqua Shell]
Known Users Debut
  • Web Novel Arc 27 Chapter #284
Spell Name Bubble Bomb (バブルボム Baburubomu?) Magic Water.png
The user creates bubbles that explode on impact with a desired object
Incantation 水よ来たれ、衝撃の泡沫、バブルボム
Literal Translation Water Come, Shocking foam, Bubble Bomb
Official Translation Come forth, Water! Ballistic Bubbles: [Bubble Bomb]
Known Users Debut
Spell Name Eternal Coffin (エターナルコフィン Etānarukofin?) Magic Water.png
The user traps the target in a rectangular pillar of ice.
Incantation 氷よ包め、永久なる棺、エターナルコフィン
Literal Translation Ice Encapsulate, Be A Perpetual Casket, Eternal Coffin
Official Translation Confine, o Ice! Everlasting Confinement: [Eternal Coffin]
Known Users Debut
  • Web Novel Arc 28 Chapter #334
Spell Name Heavenly Rain (ヘヴンリーレイン Hevunrīrein?) Magic Water.png
The user creates rain to fall over a wide area. The rain's intensity is proportional to the amount of magic put in.
Incantation 雨よ降れ、清らかなる恵み、ヘヴンリーレイン
Literal Translation Rain fall, Pure blessing, Heavenly Rain
Official Translation Descend, O Water. Blessing of the Heavens: [Heavenly Rain]
Known Users Debut
  • Web Novel Arc 23 Chapter #204
Spell Name Icebind (アイスバインド Aisubaindo?) Magic Water.png
The user freezes the ground beneath the target's feet, immobilizing them
Incantation 氷よ絡め、氷結の呪縛、アイスバインド
Literal Translation Ice entangle, Freezing curse, Icebind
Official Translation Entwine thus, Ice! Frozen Curse: [Icebind]
Known Users Debut
Spell Name Ice Needle (アイスニードル Aisunīdoru?) Magic Water.png
the user causes multiple ice needles to rain on the target
Incantation 氷よ貫け、氷結の尖針、アイスニードル
Literal Translation Ice penetrate, Freezing needle point, Ice Needle
Official Translation Pierce, o Ice! Frozen Point: [Ice Needle]
Known Users Debut
Spell Name Ice Rock (アイスロック Aisurokku?) Magic Water.png
The user creates a huge chunk of ice over the target, and crushes them with it.
Incantation 氷よ来たれ、大いなる氷塊、アイスロック
Literal Translation Ice Come, Be a big ice block, Ice Rock
Official Translation Come forth, Ice! Grand Frozen Mass: [Ice Rock]
Known Users Debut
Spell Name Ice Wall (アイスウォール Aisuwōru?) Magic Water.png
The user generates a wall of ice
Incantation 氷よ来たれ、永遠の氷壁、アイスウォール
Literal Translation Ice Come, Eternal ice wall, Ice Wall
Official Translation Come forth, Ice! Eternal Frozen Ridge: [Ice Wall]
Known Users Debut
Spell Name Maelstrom (メイルシュトローム Meirushutorōmu?) Magic Water.png
The user creates a huge waterspout that swallows everything beneath it
Incantation 水よ来たれ、激流の大渦巻、メイルシュトローム
Literal Translation Water come, Raging large whirlpool, Maelstrom
Official Translation Come forth, Water! Raging Whirlpool: [Maelstrom]
Known Users Debut
  • Web Novel Arc 22 Chapter #185
Spell Name Prisma Rainbow (プリズマレインボウ Purizumareinbou?) Magic Water.pngMagic Light.png
A compound spell in which the user shoots a laser from their hands at the target. When the light bounces off something, the icy particles in the ray make many rainbows.
Incantation 来たれ氷光、七彩の燦めき、プリズマレインボウ
Literal Translation Come ice light, shimmering seven color, Prisma Rainbow
Official Translation Shimmer forth, Ice and Light! Multi-Colored Ray: [Prisma Rainbow]
Known Users Debut
  • Web Novel Arc 30 Chapter #436
Spell Name Vortex Mist (ボルティックミスト Borutikkumisuto?) Magic Water.pngMagic Wind.png
The user creates fog around the target. Contact with this fog will cause electrocution
Incantation 来たれ雷氷、百雷の氷霧、ボルティックミスト
Literal Translation Come thunder ice, Ice fog of thunderstrom, Vortex Mist
Official Translation Spark forth, Ice! Frozen, Jolting Maelstrom: [Vortex Mist]
Known Users Debut
Spell Name Waterfall (ウォーターフォール Wōtāfōru?) Magic Water.png
The user summons a massive amount of water over the target, which then drenches them
Incantation 水よ来たれ、清廉なる水流、ウォーターフォール
Literal Translation Water come, Be a true water flow, Waterfall
Official Translation Come forth, Water! Cleansing Downpour: [Waterfall]
Known Users Debut
  • Web Novel Arc 27 Chapter #284


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