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Stirring, and Vanilla Ice. (攪拌、そしてバニラアイス。 Kakuhan, soshite Baniraaisu.?) is the tenth chapter of the Web Novel Series and the last chapter of the 1st Story Arc, Called to Another World.


When coming inside the Inn, Touya and Linze met the troubled Micah and her friend, Aer. Micah and Aer had tried to come up with new dish for Aer's cafe, Parent. Touya then pitched the idea of having Ice Cream as the new dish. Apparently, this dish was a novelty as nobody knew what it was. Touya then invited Linze for helping him wrote down the ice cream recipe. After having slight problem with the measurement system unit, they then started making the ice cream. Touya helped them beating the ice cream mixture while Linze, using her water magic, cooled the mixture. They then successfully create the ice cream which taste was surprisingly good for everyone. Later that day, Elze was resentful to find that she missed out the chance to taste the ice cream when she went back to the inn.

Chapter Notes

  • Aer is the owner of Parent Cafe.
  • According to Touya, Aer's age is might be the same as Micah.
  • Ice cream was not exist before Touya introduced it into the world.
  • Touya introduced vanilla ice cream to Aer, Micah, and Linze for the first time without vanilla essence.

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