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Ornate Hairpin, and Attraction. (簪、そして引き寄せ。 Kanzashi, soshite Hikiyose.?) is the twelfth chapter of the Web Novel Series and the second chapter of the 2nd Story Arc, Travelling Companion.


Touya, Elze, and Linze decided to have dinner and brought along Yae with them. At first, Yae declined their offer but after Touya said that it served as an exchange for her journey story, Yae changed her mind. In the restaurant, Yae told her story in between munching her food which was astonishing to be looked at. Yae also ate a huge amount of food which would blown their expenditure. They also tricked her for giving her money so that she could sleep inside the inn. On the next day, they continued their journey with Yae tagged along. Touya never felt ever slightly useless when knowing that Yae also could ride the carriage. While on the road, Touya practiced his new null magic, 「Aport」. On his first try, he failed to take Yae's katana. From his failure, he then tried to take Yae's ribbon using the same spell. After being successfully took Yae's ribbon, Yae was complaining to Touya about her fluttering hair.

Chapter Notes

  • Yae is on journey to polish her sword-play skill.
  • Yae's family is a samurai family for generations.
  • Touya bought Yae's tortoise shell hairpin for one gold coins as a pretext for hand Yae money.
  • Kingdom of Belfast is the second largest country in the west and located in the west of Europa continent.
  • Yae also can control the horse-drawn carriage.
  • Touya can activated all kind of null magic as long as he knew the incantation.

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  • Item:
    • Ornamental Hairpin (Touya)


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