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Countermeasure, and King of Birds. (対策、そして鳥の王。 Taisaku, soshite Tori no Ō.?) is the 128th chapter of the Web Novel Series and the 7th chapter of the 17th Story Arc, Everyday Life 4.


After meeting with Ende Touya asks God if he knows anything concerning what Ende told him about the Phrase to no avail. He comes to realization that he needs to find the other Pieces of Babylon in order to combat the Phrase.

Trying to come up with a solution to his problem Kohaku, Kokuyou and Sango suggest that he summon the third member of their group, known as the Flame Emperor who has dominion over all birds. After successfully summoning the the Flame Emperor (which takes the form of a large fiery bird) he is able to create with her contract with her without fighting much to his surprise.

Chapter Notes

  • Touya summons the third Divine Beast known as the Flame Emperor to help him find the remaining Pieces of Babylon

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    • Flame Emperor Summoning Spell


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