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Morning Surprise, and The Fourth. (驚きの朝、そしてよっつめ。 Odoroki no Asa, soshite Yottsume.?) is the 130th chapter of the Web Novel Series and the 9th chapter of the 17th Story Arc, Everyday Life 4.


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Touya wakes up the next morning surprised to find Yumina sleeping next to him. After clearing up the confusion they travel to the Kingdom of Belfast to visit her family primarily her mother who is now eight months pregnant. While Yumina speaks to her mother Touya decides to find the King and discovers him in a newly built baseball stadium in the eastern area of the castle.

After teaching the King of his team some tricks Touya returns the Brunhild Dukedom where Kougyoku informs him that her scouts have located one of the transfer devices on an island located west from the Kingdom of Sandora.

Chapter Notes

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  • Yumina informs Touya that Suu is one of his possible wife candidates
  • The Queen of Belfast is eight months pregnant by this point in time
  • Kougyoku's scouts locate the transfer device fourth Piece of Babylon on a island located southwest of the Brunhild Dukedom

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