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Isolated Island, and Pipe Wrench. (孤島、そしてパイプレンチ。 Kotō, soshite Paipurenchi.?) is the 131st chapter of the Web Novel Series and the 10th chapter of the 17th Story Arc, Everyday Life 4.


Touya and his group along with Leen travel to the island Kougyoku found in hopes of locating the fourth Piece of Babylon. While traveling through the island they discover various unique species of monster that attack them while they search for the entrance to the transfer terminal. They eventually find it in a large open area of the jungle in the shape of large black pyramid, Touya is eventually able to activate it with little trouble and transfers to Babylon.

After arriving at the new Babylon he is swiftly attacked by the manger of the Structure who introduces herself as Fredmonica, and explains that her verification test to earn her Babylon Structure is to survive her attacks for as long as possible. He is able to do so but not without embarrassing her whenever she attacked (her panties were almost always exposed when she landed).

Chapter Notes

  • Fredmonica makes her first appearance in the series
  • Touya successfully completes her verification test (surviving her attacks for a set period of time) and is able to acquire the Hangar of Babylon

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