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Royal Capital, and Ducal Mansion. (王都、そして公爵邸。 Ōto, soshite Kōshakutei.?) is the 15th chapter of the Web Novel Series and the 5th chapter of the 2nd Story Arc, Travelling Companion.


Touya's group and Sue's was arriving at the capital city which then they went straight to Duke Alfred's Mansion. At the mansion, Touya's group was greeted by Duke Alfred. The duke expressed his gratitude for saving his daughter from attack. The duke then invited Touya's group for tea break at the mansion's garden. Although, Touya and the duke enjoyed the activity, the girls who were with them were not. Sue then came back from her mother's room to join the tea break. She then reported her experience during her visit to her grandmother. It was revealed that Sue's objection was to find a cure for her mother blindness. The girls then exclaimed that Touya was able to use Sue's grandfather's null magic spell as Touya could use any of it. Then the group went straight to Duchess Ellen's room where Touya used the 「Recovery」 spell onto the duchess' eyes. The duke's family then cried happily when Ellen's blindness was cured. The girls who present at the moment also broke into tears while Touya expressed his anxiety from the possibility of failure.

Chapter Notes

  • Alephis capital city is located at the bank of Palette lake which feeds on the waterfall behind it.
  • Alephis capital city also know as City of Lakes.
  • The kingdom's major industry is the sewing business with major product made of silk where harvested at Kailua province.
  • Duchess Ellen survived from illness 5 years prior the meeting but she lost her sight.

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