Match, and Record Playback. (試合、そして録画再生。 Shiai, soshite Rokuga Saisei.?) is the 17th chapter of the Web Novel Series and the 7th chapter of the 2nd Story Arc, Travelling Companion.


Touya's group was invited inside Viscount Swordrick personal dojo. The viscount then let Yae to choose her own bokuto before they had their match. Before the match started, Touya was assigned as the medic and Elze as the referee. While Yae and the viscount were fighting, Touya recorded the match using his smartphone. The match was appeared to be draw before viscount swordrick pulled his sword technique. Yae's rib was hit very hard that she fell and grunting which then Touya came to cure her. When the match was finished, Viscount Swordrick asked Yae what she seek in sword which had no response from Yae. On their way leaving the noble housing area, Elze was trying to cheer up Yae who since the end of the match felt down. Touya then offered Yae the recording of her match from his smartphone. From the recording, Yae was able to identify what was wrong with her sword-fighting technique. She then decided to join Touya's adventurer group.

Chapter Notes

  • Dojo at the House of Swordrick was designed by Jūbei and built using Eashen method.
  • The viscount hit Yae on her flank which probably broke her ribs and win the match.
  • Elze invited Yae to Reflet Town for registering in the guild and join the group.
  • Touya showed Yae the recording of her sword match with the viscount.

Quick References

Character in Order of Appearance Location
  • Magic:
    • Unnamed Recovery Spell (Touya)
  • Technique:
    • Shadow Sword (Viscount Swordrick)


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