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Shopping, and Imperfect Product. (お買い物、そして訳あり商品。 Okaimono, soshite Wakearishōhin.?) is the 18th chapter of the Web Novel Series and the 8th chapter of the 2nd Story Arc, Travelling Companion.


While Touya's group still at the capital city, they decided to go shopping. Touya left the girls alone as he did not want becoming the girls' baggage carrier. Touya went to the nearest armor shop where he started to find suitable armor. Apparently, magic enchanted armor were not sold freely but it was sold in noble-exclusive armor shop, Belkut. When Touya went to the armor shop, he met a fox beastwoman child, Arma, who appeared to be lost. Touya helped Arma to meet her older sister who was waiting for her at Luca Magic Shop near Belkut. The older sister then thanking Touya for helping found her sister before Touya went inside the armor shop. Inside the armor shop, Touya found a white coat which is enchanted with double edge magic enchant. Seeing that it would inflict no harm effect towards him, Touya bought the coat. Even though the store clerk said it was cheap, Touya felt it was not.

Chapter Notes

  • Only Belkut armor shop sell magic enchanted armor in Alephis City, but the shop only sell their product to noble people.
  • There is many demi-human in the capital city while there is none in Reflet town.
  • Arma came to the capital city with her older sister, Olga who came for work.
  • Touya bought a white long coat with fur on the collar and the cuffs which costed 8 gold coins from Belkut armor shop.
  • The coat is resistant toward cold, heat, sharp or blunt weapon, and has high magic resistant toward any magic attribute that the wearer have but will double the magic damage for any magic attribute that the wearer don't have.

Quick References

Character in Order of Appearance Location
  • Kingdom of Belfast
    • Alephis Capital City
      • Unnamed Armor Shop
      • Belkut Armor Shop
      • Luca Magic Shop (mentioned)
    • Reflet Town (mentioned)
  • Equipment:
    • White Coat (Touya)


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