Waking, and Another World. (目覚め、そして異世界。 Mezame, soshite Isekai.?) is the second chapter of the Web Novel Series and the second chapter of the 1st Story Arc, Called to Another World.


Touya Mochizuki was revived in the another world and wake up in nowhere. Touya then received call from World God who told him about using the map application for navigating. While still in his school uniform, Touya decided to go to the nearest town, Reflet Town. On his way, he met Zanac Zenfield who suddenly stopped his carriage because he was interested with Touya's clothing style. Seeing an opportunity window, Touya proposed to sell his uniform in exchange of money, new clothes, and transportation to the nearest town. Having a deal, Touya was invited to ride Zanac's carriage.

Chapter Notes

  • Touya still wearing his school uniform when resurrected.
  • Touya awoke at the east of Reflet Town, Kingdom of Belfast.
  • The language being spoken in the area is in Japanese.
  • The smartphone has map application with the world map.
  • It takes 3 hours to go to Reflet Town from the place where Touya met Zanac Zenfield.

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