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Trust, and Request Completion. (信頼、そして依頼完了。 Shinrai, soshite Irai Kanryō.?) is the 20th chapter of the Web Novel Series and the last chapter of the 2nd Story Arc, Travelling Companion.


Touya went to Fashion King Zanac, to deliver Viscount Swordrick's response letter. Zanac also appreciated Touya's honesty about his ability and returning the extra travelling cost money. From Zanac's boutique, Touya's group went to Adventurer Guild where they received their reward and also registering Yae to the guild. The group then took the tiger-bear quest which was easily finished it. For their success and Yae's registration, they went to Parent Cafe. Had never taste the ice cream, Yae was enthralled and ate it voraciously. When they went back to the inn, Aer came to Touya and asking for a new dish recipe.

Chapter Notes

  • Yae registered at the guild.
  • Yae's first quest with the group was a purple rank quest for Tiger-bear-which is a bear with tiger stripes and sabertooth fangs and lived in Iwa Mountain- subjugation for 12 silver coins.

Quick References

Character in Order of Appearance Location
  • Quest:
    • Tiger-bear subjugation (Purple Rank)
  • Item:
    • Yae's Adventurer Card (Black)


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