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Rain, and Shougi Board. (雨、そして将棋盤。 Ame, soshite Shōgiban.?) is the 21st chapter of the Web Novel Series and the first chapter of the 3rd Story Arc, Crystal Monster.


It's been two weeks since Touya and the others returned from the royal capital and it has raining for three days straight and because of this work at the Guild was suspended.As a way to pass the time Touya began to study different null magic with four of them proving useful. They were the following:

  • Enchantment - A magic to bestow magical effects to material items
  • Paralysis - Paralyze a target and renders them immobile
  • Modeling - Changes the shape of minerals and wooden products
  • Search - Search for any identified target (human or object)

The latter of the two spells proving to be of more use then the former. A a test for his new Modeling Spell he made a shogi board (Japanese chess) though he had numerous failures in the beginning.

Chapter Notes

  • Touya picked up 4 new null magic from his null magic encyclopedia.
  • Touya made Shōgi Board using 「Modeling」.
  • Touya found a fruit that has the same taste as vanilla bean, called Koko.
  • Touya taught Aer to make vanilla and strawberry roll cake.
  • Touya introduce Duke Ortlinde to Shōgi and also taught the cook of the duke to make the roll cake.

Quick References

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    • Null Magic Book
    • Shōgi Board
    • Koko Fruit
    • Vanilla Roll Cake


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