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Headless Knight, and Ruins. (首無し騎士、そして廃墟。 Kubinashi Kishi, soshite Haikyo.?) is the 22nd chapter of the Web Novel Series and the 2nd chapter of the 3rd Story Arc, Crystal Monster.


Touya and the girls (Yae, Elze & Linze) are fighting a dullahan in the ruins of the old capital having taken a green ranked subjugation request from the Guild. They are able to defeat it using a combination of Linze's and Touya's magic while Elze was able to defeat a pack of 20 one horned wolves single-handily.

While taking a break after defeating their target Elze starts to wonder if there might still be royal treasure somewhere in the ruins, though Yae says that might be impossible due to the fact that the entire capital was moved.

Chapter Notes

  • Touya, Elze, Linze, and Yae were already a green rank adventurer at that time.
  • The capital ruins has no treasure anymore.
  • The capital ruins are the former capital city of Kingdom of Belfast from 1000 years ago.

Quick References

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  • Quest
    • Demon Subjugation in Capital Ruin (Green Rank)


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