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Country of Demi-Human, and Assassination of The King (亜人の国、そして国王暗殺。 Ajin no Kuni, soshite Kokuō Ansatsu.?) is the 24th chapter of the Web Novel Series and the first chapter of the 4th Story Arc, People of The Royal Family.


Chapter Notes

  • Kingdom of Belfast is surrounded by 3 country. Refreese Imperium on the west, Regulus Empire over the Merisha mountain on the east, and Kingdom of Mismede over the Gau river on the south.
  • Kingdom of Belfast and Refreese Imperium has friendly connection for years.
  • Kingdom of Belfast and Regulus Empire had gone into war 20 years ago and have signed non-aggression pact.
  • In the middle of war between Belfast and Regulus, Kingdom of Mismede - a kingdom formed by and for beastman- formed.
  • Some nobleman in Kingdom of Belfast opposed the mutual relation that the kingdom has with Kingdom of Mismede.
  • There used to be discrimination toward the beast-kin before the recognition law was being approved by the previous king of Belfast.
  • Yumina, the princess of Belfast is the successor of the throne.
  • 「Recovery」 is able to cure negative status effect, like blindness, poisoned, etc.
  • The ambassador of Kingdom of Mismede was alleged for regicide attempt.

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