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The Third Time, and Character Introduction 3. (三たび、そして登場人物紹介3。 Santabi, soshite Tōjōjinbutsushōkai 3.?) is the 250th chapter of the Web Novel Series and the third Character Introduction of the series.

Brunhild Dukedom

Touya Mochizuki (望月 (もちづき) 冬夜 (とうや) Mochizuki Touya?)

A high school freshman who ended up in another world due to God’s mistake (at time of introduction). He is the type who goes with the flow without making much of a fuss. Doesn’t read the mood unconsciously, and makes terrible decisions without hesitation. Has an inexhaustible supply of magic power, possesses all magic attributes, can use all null magic and various non-standard magic. After gaining divine power which advanced his evolution, he is worried about the possibility of going bald in the future every time his hair grows. Recently, he wears a mask and often introduces himself as the silver-masked Oni 「Shirogane」. Can more or less play a piano. Was born in the northern province (on the side of pacific ocean).

Elze Silhoueska (エルゼ・シルエスカ Eruze Shiruesuka?)

The elder twin sister saved by Touya. A hand-to-hand Melleee fighter that fights using gauntlets on both hands. She is frank and has a straightforward personality. Can use a null magic for body strengthening, Boost. Likes spicy food. Has a hobby of wearing cute clothes when no one is looking. Touya’s wife to be. Her personal frame gear is the hand-to-hand attack frame gear, Gerhilde. Get crushed with its Pile Bunker! Her theme color is red.

Linze Silhoueska (リンゼ・シルエスカ Rinze Shiruesuka?)

The younger twin sister. A magician with fire, water, and light attributes. The light attribute is not her forte. If anything, she is poor at talking due to shyness/fear. However, she is bold at certain times. Likes sweet things. There are suspicions that she is a fujoshi. She turns out to be a skilled illustrator. Touya’s wife to be. Her theme color is blue.

Yae Kokonoe (九重 (ここのえ) 八重 (やえ) Kokonoe Yae?)

A samurai girl coming from a far eastern country Eashen which resembles Japan. Uses the word “gozaru”, often eats more than regular people. Though she has a diligent personality, she also has a gap in some respects. Her parent’s home is a swordsmen dojo school called “Kokonoe Shinmei Ryu”. Has huge hidden breasts. However, she is recently being troubled with forming her own self-taught fighting style. Has huge breasts that are usually hidden. Touya’s wife to be. Her personal machine is the Melleee combatant light frame gear, Schwertleite. It ends up wasting her katana on cutting dull things. Her theme color is purple.

Yumina Ernea Belfast (ユミナ・エルネア・ベルファスト Yumina Erunea Berufasuto?)

The princess of Kingdom of Belfast. 12 years old (at time of introduction). She has odd eyes: the right one is blue, the left one is green. Possesses magic eyes which see through the true nature of people. Possesses magic attributes of wind, earth, and dark. Proficient with bows and arrows. Fell in love with Touya at first sight and forcibly intruded upon him. The chairman of the "Bride Conference". Recently, her magic eye is evolving. Touya’s wife to be. Her theme color is silver.

Lucia Rea Regulus (ルーシア・レア・レグルス Rūshia Rea Regurusu?)

The third imperial princess of Regulus Empire. Same age as Yumina. Was saved by Touya and fell in love with him during the mutiny in the empire. A twin swords user. Is on good terms with Yumina. Has a talent in cooking. She hates to lose quite much. Touya’s wife to be. Her theme color is green.

Sushie Ernea Ortlinde (スゥシィ・エルネア・オルトリンデ Sūshī Erunea Orutorinde?)

Nickname is Sue. 10 years old (at time of introduction). She was saved by Touya’s group at the time when she was attacked by assassins. A niece of the King of Belfast. Full of innocent curiosity. She was rescued by Touya when she was aimed at by the foolish Prince of Lihnea. Lately, she is being taught light attribute magic by Leen. Touya’s wife to be. Her personal machine is the defensive armed frame gear, Ortlinde. Combining with its support mechas, it eventually transforms into massive frame gear, Ortlinde Overlord. This is the key to victory! Her theme color is yellow.

Hildegard Minas Lestia (ヒルデガルド・ミナス・レスティア Hirudegarudo Minasu Resutia?)

The first princess of Knight Kingdom of Lestia. Due to her excellence at sword techniques, she is being called "The Knight Princess". Was saved by Touya when she was attacked by the Phrases, and fell in love with him at first sight. Has a habit of considerably stuttering while she talks when she’s strongly agitated. On good terms with Yae. Touya’s wife to be. Her personal machine is the Melleee combatant heavy frame gear, Siegrune. It has Knight's Code of Chivalry. Her theme color is Orange.

Leen (リーン Rīn?)

The former head of the Fairy Tribe. She is currently an interim royal magician of Brunhild. She has been living for quite a long time even though she has a youthful appearance. Self-proclaims to be 612 years old. A genius at magic. Charlotte’s Master. Likes to ridicule people. Possess all attributes of magic except for the dark attribute. Touya’s wife to be. Her theme color is black.

Sakura ( Sakura?)

The girl whom Touya picked up in Eashen. She had lost her memory, but have regained it back. Her real name is Farnese Forneus. The daughter of the Overlord of Xenoahs Demon Kingdom. Has horns growing on her head. Terrifyingly skillful at singing. Touya’s wife to be. Her theme color is pink.

Paula (ポーラ Pōra?)

A stuffed toy in a form of bear that was created by Leen and is moving as if it’s alive due to Program. It still keeps on moving having piled up improvements in a span of 200 years. With those movements, she can be placed on the same level as actors who rely on their performance rather than good looks. Paula… a dreadful child!

Kohaku (琥珀 Kohaku?)

Touya’s first summoned beast. The ruler of beasts being called as the “White Emperor” acting as a protector of grand roads and the western direction. A divine beast. Usually, makes sure not to stand out in a size of tiger cub companion. It was recently revealed that she is a female.

Kokuyou (黒曜 Kokuyou?) and Sango (珊瑚 Sango?)

Touya’s second summoned beasts. The two of them are combined as one. A divine beast being called as the “Black Emperor”. The ruler of scaled beasts. Capable of manipulating water. Sango is a tortoise while Kokuyou is a serpent. Sango is female, and Kokuyou is male (though at heart he is female).

Kougyoku (紅玉 Kougyoku?)

Touya’s third summoned beast. A divine beast being called as the “Flame Emperor”. The ruler of birds. She is flashy on the outside but has a calm character on the inside. Kougyoku is also a female.

Luli (瑠璃 Ruri?)

Touya’s fourth summoned beast. A divine beast being called “Blue Emperor”. The blue dragon ruler. Is on bad terms with Kohaku due to her cynical traits. Luli is female as well.

Karen Mochizuki (望月 (もちづき) 花恋 (かれん) Mochizuki Karen?)

The love goddess on the ground. Calls herself Touya’s older sister. Remains in Brunhild under the justification of capturing a subordinate god who escaped from God’s World. Adds [~nanoyo] at the end of her sentences. A splendid good-for-nothing.

Moroha Mochizuki (望月 (もちづき) 諸刃 (もろは) Mochizuki Moroha?)

The sword goddess on the ground. Calls herself Touya’s second older sister. Has taken the duty of being a sword advisor to the knight order of Brunhild. Although she has a gallant character, she is a bit of a natural airhead.

Laim (ライム Raimu?)

Butler of the Mochizuki household. His original duty was looking after His Majesty The King of Belfast. The older brother of Leim, the butler of Ortlinde household. A perfect butler.

Lapis (ラピス Rapisu?)

The first maid. A truly diligent maid licensed by maid guild. Her true colors are that she was a member of secret intelligence unit "Espion" from Belfast, but nowadays she belongs to Brunhild officially. As a maid, she is also first-class.

Cecile (セシル Seshiru?)

The second maid. A light-hearted maid licensed by maid guild. She used to be a member of secret intelligence unit "Espion" from Belfast, but now she belongs to Brunhild same as Lapis. Her forte is throwing knives. Has enormous breasts.

Renne (レネ Rene?)

The third maid. Since very young, she was living and pickpocketing in royal capital, but after meeting with Touya, he took her in. As a matter of fact, she is a descendant of a noble in Regulus Empire. 8 years old (at the time of introduction).

Julio (フリオ Furio?)

Gardener of the Mochizuki household. Later becomes an exclusive gardener to the Brunhild royal palace. The husband of Claire. Has recently started to take care of the Sakura trees.

Claire (クレア Kurea?)

A cook of the Mochizuki household. Later becomes the chief cook of the Brunhild royal palace. Based on Touya’s knowledge, reproduces various cuisine. The wife of Julio.

Thomas (トマス Tomasu?)

The gatekeeper of the Mochizuki household. A former heavy infantryman of Kingdom of Belfast. He currently guards the embassy of Brunhild Dukedom in Kingdom of Belfast.

Huck (ハック Hakku?)

The gatekeeper of the Mochizuki household. A former light cavalryman of Kingdom of Belfast. He currently guards the embassy of Brunhild Dukedom in Kingdom of Belfast.

Francesca (フランシェスカ Furanshesuka?)

The manager of Sky Garden, a legacy of Babylon. Her nickname is Cesca. Wears maid clothes. Her frame number is 23. Tells erotic jokes when opens her mouth.

High Rosetta (ハイロゼッタ Hairosetta?)

The manager of Workshop, a legacy of Babylon. Her nickname is Rosetta. Wears work clothes. Her frame number is 27. Contractor of Babylon development. The most reliable one due to various circumstances. She recently has become mecha anime fan.

Bell Flora (ベルフローラ Berufurōra?)

The manager of Alchemy Building, a legacy of Babylon. Her nickname is Flora. Wears nurse clothes. Her frame number is 21. A nurse with huge breasts. Makes suspicious medicines.

Fredmonica (フレドモニカ Furedomonika?)

The manager of Hangar, a legacy of Babylon. Her nickname is Monica. Wears camouflaged clothes. Her frame number is 28. A foul-mouth little kid (chibiko) . The most knowledgeable in the skills needed to handle the Frame Gears among other Babylon Sisters. Often hangs out with Rosetta. Dislikes Tika.

Preliora (プレリオラ Pureriora?)

The manager of Rampart, a legacy of Babylon. Her nickname is Liora. Wears a blazer. Her frame number is 20. The oldest among Babylon robots. Also acted as night partner for Professor Babylon. Inexperienced with men.

PaMellea Noel (パメラノエル Pameranoeru?)

The manager of Tower, a legacy of Babylon. Her nickname is Noel. Wears jersey. Her frame number is 25. Sleeps most of the times. Eats while she lies down. Tends to find most things troublesome due to being a lazy person in general.

Irisfam (イリスファム Irisufamu?)

The manager of Library, a legacy of Babylon. Her nickname is Fam. Wears a sailor suit. Her frame number is 24. A book junkie. Hates when she is being interrupted during her reading.

Lileleparshe (リルルパルシェ Riruruparushe?)

The manager of Storehouse, a legacy of Babylon. Her nickname is Parshe. Wears a shrine maiden costume. Her frame number is 26. A klutzy girl that even she herself is not aware of. The number of her careless mistakes is big huge. Falls down a lot.

Atlantica (アトランティカ Atorantika?)

The manager of Laboratory, a legacy of Babylon. Her nickname is Tika. Wears a lab coat. Her frame number is 22. She looks like a decent person but actually a hardcore lolicon.

Professor Regina Babylon (レジーナ・バビロン博士 Rejīna Babiron Hakase?)

A female genius professor of an ancient civilization, despite being a pervert. Had created various artifacts and the sky stronghold [Babylon]. A possessor of all magic attributes the same as Touya. Likes to make fun of people. A homosexual, or she possibly swings both ways. She has her brain transplanted to body number 29, and revived after 5000 years passed. Therefore, she now have an appearance of 10 years old girl. She has becomes robot anime fan.

Lain Netherland (レイン・ネザーランド Rein Nezārando?)

A rabbit beastwoman. A petite redheaded former soldier of Mismede. Was supposed to play an active role initially in reality. Made a reentry after some changes to the gender since it was pitiful. Became the Commander of the Brunhild Knight Order in one go. Lately, she starts to fit into that role. The White Knight (Shine Count) is her cherished machine.

Norn Siberia (ノルエ・シベリア Norue Shiberia?)

A wolf beastwoman. A younger sister of Garn, a commanding officer of the guards of Mismede. A former soldier of Mismede, and a dual sword user same as her older brother. Doesn’t mind small details due to her composed personality. Becomes a Vice-Commander of Brunhild Knight Order. The Blue Knight (Blue Moon) is her cherished machine.

Nikola Strand (ニコラ・ストランド Nikora Sutorando?)

A fox beastman. A former soldier of Mismede. Nephew of Olba Strand, a trade merchant from Mismede. Happens to be a male cousin to Olga and Arma. Has a diligent personality, strict to himself as well as to other people. Becomes a Vice-Commander of Brunhild Knight Order same as Norue. The Black Knight (Knight Baron) is his cherished machine.

Tsubaki (椿 Tsubaki?)

A shinobi follower of Masanobu Kousaka, one of the elite four of Takeda. A Kunoichi. Currently, she is a leader of the secret service of Brunhild. Commands the former shinobi called Suppa "The Spy". She can use ninjutsu which is different from magic.

Spica Frennel (スピカ・フレンネル Supika Furenneru?)

A female dark elf from Xenoahs Demon Kingdom. She was saved by Touya and become a knight of Brunhild Knight Order. Can operate shield as the main weapon for sword technique. The personal guard of Sakura.

Fiana Forneus (フィアナ・フォルネウス Fiana Foruneusu?)

The mother of Sakura. A human. She moved to Brunhild along with her daughter and become a principal in the state-school. She came from Felzen.

Masanobu Kousaka (高坂 (こうさか) 政信 (まさのぶ) Kousaka Masanobu?)

One of the elite four of Takeda. A considerably sharp person. He is currently the prime minister of Brunhild and Touya’s advisor.

Baba Nobuharu (馬場 (ばば) 信晴 (のぶはる) Baba Nobuharu?)

One of the elite four of Takeda. A stern Grandpa with a giant beard. Has a sharp tongue. He is currently an adviser to the knight order of Brunhild.

Masatoyo Naitō (内藤 (ないとう) 正豊 (まさとよ) Naitou Masatoyo?)

One of the elite four of Takeda. A person who doesn’t stand out; has a gentle face. He is currently a chief of the agriculture and construction agency at Brunhild.

Masakage Yamagata (山県 (やまがた) 政景 (まさかげ) Yamagata Masakage?)

One of the elite four of Takeda. A sharp-eyed Old-man covered with wounds all over his body. A battle fanatic. He is currently a battle instructor to the knight order of Brunhild.

Ripple (リプル Ripuru?)

A magic creature in a picture frame which has been stored in the Storehouse of Babylon. Capable of converting an image placed (inside the frame) into a reflection. The frame is her real body. Can make light objects float. She is basically the "Alive Frame".

Mr. Mittens (ニャンタロー Nyantarō?)

Real name is d'Artagnan. A summoned beast cat which is summoned by Sakura. A cat knight. He taking control of the cats in Brunhild. Was appointed to escort Fiana, Sakura's mother.

Rebecca (レベッカ Rebekka?)

A female adventurer rescued in the Rabbi Desert. Has brown skin and ash-colored hair. Talks in a manly way. Later enrolls into the Brunhild Knight Order.

Logan (ローガン Rōgan?)

A male adventurer rescued in the Rabbi Desert. War axe user. Later enrolls into the Brunhild Knight Order.

Laqshe (ラクシェ Rakushe?)

A knight belonging to the Brunhild Knight Order. A plant type demonkin known as “Alraune”. Helps with the field work during her day offs.

Zamza (ザムザ Zamuza?)

A knight belonging to the Brunhild Knight Order. An Ogre demonkin. Has a reddish brown skin, a height of three meters, a large build, and two growing horns. A strong man with a gentle character.

Rusheed (ルシェード Rusheedo?)

A member of the Brunhild Knight Order. A youth from a vampire clan. Was born in the Xenoahs Demon Kingdom. Dislikes blood despite being a vampire.

Paolo (パオロ Paoro?)

A member of Brunhild Knight Order. A former adventurer born from Quint village in the Kingdom of Hannock. Doesn’t have much skill in the sword, but he’s quick on his feet.

Micah (ミカ Mika?)

A poster girl of Silver Moon inn at Reflet Town. Was scouted by Touya and opened a branch of Silver Moon in Brunhild. A lively woman whose red ponytail matches her very much. Her age is around 20 years old. An expert at cooking. An “elder sister” type of character. On good terms with Aer from Parent coffee shop from the same town. Lately, she was able to open a second branch in Brunhild.

Fleur (フルール Fureeru?)

A woman who was made into a slave by Zabun. She was released upon being saved by Touya. Currently, she has decided to work at Silver Moon in Brunhild.

Relisha Millian (レリシャ・ミリアン Rerisha Miriamu?)

One of guild masters of the Adventurer Guild. A female elf. Judging by her appearance, she looks like a 20 year-old woman but by no means that is her true age. Has chosen to manage the guild branch that has recently been opened at Brunhild. Has also offered to establish dungeons to Brunhild. She loves tea.

Misha (ミーシャ Mīsha?)

A cat beastwoman and a receptionist of the Adventurer Guild in Brunhild. Ends her sentences with [~nya].

Kingdom of Belfast

Tristwin Ernes Belfast (トリストウィン・エルネス・ベルファスト Torisutowin Erunesu Berufasuto?)

The present king of Kingdom of Belfast. The father of Yumina. Was saved by Touya when he was poisoned. A good king possessing a contradicting flexible and strict personality. Loves new things same as his younger brother. He, having initially aimed at making Touya the next king and retire comfortably, decided to try his best a little more for some time for the sake of Prince Yamato that has been recently born.

Yuel Ernea Belfast (ユエル・エルネア・ベルファスト Yueru Erunea Berufasuto?)

The queen of Kingdom of Belfast. Mother of Yumina. Appears normal, but she's not. Had instigated Yumina towards Touya.

Yamato Ernes Belfast (ヤマト・エルネス・ベルファスト Yamato Erunesu Berufasuto?)

The first prince of Kingdom of Belfast. The younger brother of Yumina. Has just been born. Touya is his godparent.

Alfred Ernes Ortlinde (アルフレッド・エルネス・オルトリンデ Arufureddo Erunesu Orutorinde?)

A duke. The younger brother of the current king of Belfast. The father of Sue who is affectionate of her family. Brims with curiosity same as with his daughter. Loves new things. Addicted to shogi and bicycles.

Ellen Ernea Ortlinde (エレン・エルネア・オルトリンデ Eren Erunea Orutorinde?)

A duchess. Mother of Sue. A gentle and beautiful person. Her blindness caused by her illness has been cured by Touya.

Leim (レイム Reimu?)

The butler of the Ortlinde household. His life was saved by Touya. Has served the royal family for generations with his older brother, Laim.

Doctor Raul (ラウル医師 Rauru Ishi?)

Exclusive doctor of the royal family. Did not have the chance to appear a lot.

Leon Blitz (レオン・ブリッツ Reon Burittsu?)

One of the generals leading the army of the Kingdom of Belfast. Has a habit of strongly clapping on the backs of people due to his hearty personality. A Melleee fighter. Also known as "Flame Fist Leon".

Lyon Blitz (リオン・ブリッツ Rion Burittsu?)

The second son of General Leon. Belongs to the first Knight Order of the kingdom. 21 years old (at time of introduction). A diligent person who doesn’t resemble his father. Had decided to marry Olga, an ambassador of Mismede.

Charlotte (シャルロッテ Sharurotte?)

The royal court magician of Kingdom of Belfast. Tentatively the best magician in the kingdom. The type of person who becomes completely absorbed in something and doesn’t mind her surroundings. Changed her class into glasses magician after having received the translation glasses from Touya. A disciple of Leen. Lost her turn to appear due to her master.

Neil Suleiman (ニール・スレイマン Nīru Sureiman?)

Vice-Commander of the Belfast Knight Order. Had received weapons enchanted with magic from Touya.

Carlossa Galune Swordrick (カルロッサ・ガルン・ソードレック Karurossa Garun Sōdorekku?)

A viscount of Belfast. A disciple of Jubei Kokonoe, Yae’s father. An expert swordsman.

Count Balsa (バルサ伯爵 Barusa Hakushaku?)

A noble who dislikes demi-humans. Schemed a king assassination plot. Resembles a toad. Lost his standing when his plan was exposed by Touya.

Prim (プリム Purimu?)

An elder sister receptionist from the Adventurer Guild in the Belfast Royal Capital. A regular customer to the Moon Reader Cafe. Has a BL hobby.

Kingdom of Mismede

Jamukha Blau Mismede (ジャムカ・ブラウ・ミスミド Jamuka Burau Misumido?)

The beast king of Kingdom of Mismede. A snow leopard beastman. Likes to fight with battle enthusiasm. A user of null magic, Accel.

Tilier Frau Mismede (ティリエ・フラウ・ミスミド Tirie Furau Misumido?)

The queen of Kingdom of Mismede. A snow leopard beastwoman.

Tia Frau Mismede (ティア・フラウ・ミスミド Tia Furau Misumido?)

First princess of Kingdom of Mismede. A snow leopard beastwoman. 10 years old (at the time of introduction). Got a stuffed toy during bingo tournament.

Remza Blau Mismede (レムザ・ブラウ・ミスミド Remuza Burau Misumido?)

First prince of Kingdom of Mismede. A snow leopard beastman. 9 years old (at the time of introduction).

Alba Blau Mismede (アルバ・ブラウ・ミスミド Aruba Burau Misumido?)

Second prince of Kingdom of Mismede. A snow leopard beastman. 6 years old (at the time of introduction).

Glatz (グラーツ Gurātsu?)

Prime Minister of Kingdom of Mismede. Thrown around at the whims of selfish His Majesty The Beast King. A worldly-wise man. A person from the winged tribe.

Olga Strand (オリガ・ストランド Origa Sutorando?)

Ambassador of Kingdom of Mismede. A fox beastwoman. Married to Lyon, a knight of Belfast and the second son general Leon.

Arma Strand (アルマ・ストランド Aruma Sutorando?)

The younger sister of Olga. Same age as Yumina. 12 years old (at the time of introduction). On good terms with Yumina.

Olba Strand (オルバ・ストランド Oruba Sutorando?)

Father to Olga and Arma. Capable commerce trader in Mismede. Rapidly thrives with Touya’s ideas. Appears at unexpected times and places.

Garn (ガルン Garun?)

A wolf beastman. Commander of guard soldiers of Mismede. A dual sword user. The elder brother of Norue, Vice-Commander of Brunhild Knight Order.

Solum (ソルム Sorumu?)

The chief of the village attacked by a black dragon.

Eris (エリス Erisu?)

The actual royal magician of Mismede. Has been pushed onto the seat as the chief of the fairy tribe by Leen. Has not yet appeared.

Refreese Imperium

Rig Reek Refreese (リグ・リーク・リーフリース Rigu Rīku Rīfurīsu?)

The Monarch of the Refreese Imperium. Resembles a certain Hollywood actor who performed the most botched detective. Has a shaved head and an easygoing character.

Zelda Rehm Refreese (ゼルダ・リーム・リーフリース Zeruda Rīmu Rīfurīsu?)

The queen of Refreese Imperium.

Reliel Rehm Refreese (リリエル・リーム・リーフリース Ririeru Rīmu Rīfurīsu?)

The first princess of Refreese Imperium. Writer of BL novels has a back-face name as Lilu Refreeze. Her work as a writer is hidden from parents as well. A day-dreamer.

Ridis Reek Refreese (リディス・リーク・リーフリース Ridisu Rīku Rīfurīsu?)

The crown prince of Refreese Imperium. 12 years old (at the time of introduction). A grown-up boy.

Joseph (ジョセフ Josefu?)

Uncle to Elze and Linze, live in the town named Collete on the outskirts of Refreese. Manager of the plantation. Terribly frightened of nobles and their likes. Apparently, holds some trauma.

Lana (ラナ Rana?)

Wife of Joseph. Gutsy mother.

Emma (エマ Ema?)

The eldest daughter of Joseph. Elze’s and Linze’s cousin. She is like an elder sister to both of them.

Aaron (アロン Aron?)

The eldest son of Joseph. Has already become independent and left for another town.

Sheena (シーナ Shīna?)

The second daughter of Joseph.

Allen (アレン Aren?)

The second son of Joseph.

Kurara (クララ Kurara?) and Kirara (キララ Kirara?)

The third and fourth daughters of Joseph. Twins.

Alan (アラン Aran?)

The third son of Joseph.

Reno (リノ Rino?)

The fifth daughter of Joseph.

Regulus Empire

Zephyrus Roa Regulus (ゼフィルス・ロア・レグルス Zefirusu Roa Regurusu?)

The Emperor of Regulus Empire. Was saved by Touya from dying during the coup d’etat. Though it was supposed to be an illness, he has somehow recovered thanks to Recovery.

Lux Roa Regulus (ルクス・ロア・レグルス Rukusu Roa Regurusu?)

The crown prince of Regulus Empire. A prince without any particular special trait. Was saved by Touya.

Sarah Rea Regulus (サラ・レア・レグルス Sara Rea Regurusu?)

The crown princess of Regulus Empire.

Ellicia Rea Regulus (エリシア・レア・レグルス Erishia Rea Regurusu?)

The second princess of Regulus Empire. While studying abroad at Felzen, she fell in love at the first sight with the king and then got engaged. Her preferences of men is somewhat unusual. She is studying magic engineering.

Caroline Riettes (キャロライン・リエット Kyarorain Rietto?)

Nicknamed “Carol”. A member of third knight order of the empire, a knight of the second class. A user of a pair of swords as well as a descendant of "Kir Riettes the Twinblade", one of the twelve sword’s households of the empire. Happens to be Renne’s aunt.

Gaspar (ガスパル Gasuparu?)

Black haired, one-eyed commander of the knight order of the empire. Received "Flame Spear" during the bingo tournament in Brunhild.

General Bazoar (バズール将軍 Bazūru Shougun?)

Raised a coup by leading the army of the empire. He commanded an army of demons while possessing the "Imbibe Demon Bracelet" and the "Bracelet of Defense" but was defeated by Touya.

General Romero (ロメロ将軍 Romero Shougun?)

Commander of the Western Imperial Army. Sheltered the crown prince during the time of the coup in the empire.

Ramissh Theocracy

Elias Altra (エリアス・オルトラ Eriasu Orutora?)

The female pope of Ramissh Theocracy. Supports the theocracy while already passing an advanced age of 60 years old. Owner of the heterochromatic blue and green magic eyes capable of seeing the truth and falsehood. Was saved by Touya, and managed to meet world god.

Phyllis Rugitto (フィリス・ルギット Firisu Rugitto?)

A priest sent by the theocracy to Brunhild. She was about to be executed as a result of her pointing out the discrepancies of Ramisshu’s doctrine after meeting with world god, but she was saved by Touya. Later became a Cardinal.

Cardinal Zeon (ゼオン枢機卿 Zeon Suukikei?)

A man resembling a dictator from somewhere with his small mustache and swept back black hair. Generally looks self-important. Had trapped the pope by using the speech uttered by Phyllis as a pretext.

Cardinal Kyurei (キュレイ枢機卿 Kyurei Suukikei?)

The elder sister of cardinal Zeon. Impersonated herself as the fake pope. Was aiming at the position of the pope together with her younger brother Zeon.

Nest Leonard (ネスト・レナード Nesuto Renādo?)

A priest sent to Brunhild from the theocracy. Was driven out by Touya due to his high-handed attitude. Wears a wig.

Eashen, the Land of Gods

Jubei Kokonoe (九重 (ここのえ) 重兵衛 (じゅうべえ) Kokonoe Juubee?)

Yae’s father. Master of the “Kokonoe Shimei Ryu” dojo for swordsmen. During his youth, he served under the father of the present Viscount Swordrick. He currently is a sword instructor to the Tokugawa household.

Nanae Kokonoe (九重 (ここのえ) 七重 (ななえ) Kokonoe Nanae?)

Yae’s mother. She served the Swordrick household during her youth same as with Jūbei.

Jutaro Kokonoe (九重 (ここのえ) 重太郎 (じゅうたろう) Kokonoe Juutarou?)

Yae’s elder brother. Although he is a gentle youth, he likes swordsmanship more than three meals a day.

Ayane (綾音 (あやね) Ayane?)

A young maid serving the Kokonoe household. There are good vibes between her and Jūtaro.

Ieyasu Tokugawa (徳川 (とくがわ) 家泰 (いえやす) Tokugawa Ieyasu?)

One of the nine lords of Eashen. A man with a small mustache and fine build.

Kansuke Yamamoto (山本 (やまもと) 完助 (かんすけ) Yamamoto Kansuke?)

A shady strategist working from the shadow of Takeda thanks to the "bracelet of immortality". Was defeated by Touya’s group.

Katsuyori Takeda (武田 (たけだ) 克頼 (かつより) Takeda Katsuyori?)

The new and incompetent feudal lord of Takeda.

Nobunaga Oda (織田 (おだ) 信永 (のぶなが) Oda Nobunaga?)

The Oda territory feudal lord. He died in Honnoji Temple.

Mitsuhide Akechi (明智 (あけち) 満秀 (みつひで) Akechi Mitsuhide?)

The vassal of Oda house. Raised a rebellion and attacked Nobunaga but was killed by Hideyoshi.

Hideyoshi Hashiba (羽柴 (はしば) 秀義 (ひでよし) Hashiba Hideyoshi?)

Took over Oda territory, and schemed to rule Eashen. He was considered to be a man with monkey face but he was a genuine monkey. He was being manipulated by the subordinate god who took the shape of the golden gourd.

Masanori Fukushima (福島 (ふくしま) 政則 (まさのり) Fukushima Masanori?)

The Hashiba army commander. He requested a man-to-man fight against the silver-masked Oni but he was defeated with 「Slip」.

Nanigashi Katō (加藤 (かとう) (なにがし) Katou Nanigashi?)

The Hashiba army commander. He was blown by Silver masked Oni’s 「Cyclone Storm」 without introducing himself.

Masamune Date (伊達 (だて) 正宗 (まさむね) Date Masamune?)

The young Date territory feudal lord. Extravagant, and conspiracy lover. He is an ambitious person, but it is easily shown on his face.

Kojūrō Katakura (片倉 (かたくら) 弧十郎 (こじゅうろう) Katakura Kojuurou?)

The vassal who supports Masamune. A youth with fine face line who is precise in his retorts.

Kingdom of Lihnea

Cloud Zeph Lihnea (クラウド・ゼフ・リーニエ Kuraudo Zefu Rīnie?)

The prince of Kingdom of Lihnea. Although he was treated as the second prince, he was in fact the real first prince. A worldly-wise man who came to terms with being worked hard like a retainer to Zabun since his early years. Has upright personality. Holds affection for his mother.

Schlaf Zeph Lihnea (シュラフ・ゼフ・リーニエ Shurafu Zefu Rīnie?)

The king of Kingdom of Lihnea. Was doing as he was told by Wardoug who made use of Queen Aria as a shield. Has handed the throne over to Cloud and is currently in retirement.

Erya Zes Lihnea (エリア・ゼス・リーニエ Eria Zesu Rīnie?)

Cloud’s mother. She was being confined by Wardoug as a mean to rule the king as a puppet but was rescued by Touya’s group.

Marquis Koupe (クープ侯爵 Kuppu Koushaku?)

The former Prime Minister of Lihnea that was driven away to a remote region after being ousted from the position by Wardoug, but later returns as prime minister once more to support Cloud. Although he has already passed 60 years of age, he still has a brawny build.

Angie (アンジェ Anjie?)

A Melleee fighting maid who was ordered by Marquise Kopp to conceal herself in order to ensure the safety of Queen Aria.

Zabune (ザブン Zabun?)

Although he had been treated as the first prince of Kingdom of Lihnea, he was in fact the fake one. Doesn’t allow things to be against his desires. He devoted himself to rampage as much as he liked but was later punished by being sold to a foreign country as a slave after the truth had been disclosed by Touya.

Wardack (ワルダック Warudakku?)

The prime minister who was in control of Kingdom of Lihnea. He schemed to usurp the royal family but was degraded to being a slave similarly to Zabun. Looks entirely like a bulldog. Was confining Cloud’s mother.

Dacia (ダキア Dakia?)

Although she was a queen of Kingdom of Lihnea, she at the same time bore a child with her cousin Wardoug and furthermore schemed to usurp the royal family. Was dropped to the level of a slave in the same manner as Zabune. Has body like a barrel.

Knight Kingdom of Lestia

Galen Yunas Restia (ギャレン・ユナス・レスティア Gyaren Yunasu Resutia?)

The former king of the Knight Kingdom of Lestia (now, it's former-former king) and a former gold ranked adventurer. Was in fact adopted into the royal family as a son-in-law. A dirty old man whose raison d’etre is to touch the buttocks of women on their first meeting.

Reid Yunas Restia (レイド・ユナス・レスティア Reido Yunasu Resutia?)

The king of Knight Kingdom of Lestia (now it’s former king). A silver haired kind father who wishes happiness to his daughter. A diligent person when compared to Galen.

Esther Minas Restia (エステル・ミナス・レスティア Esuteru Minasu Resutia?)

An innocent looking Queen of Lestia. The mother of Reinhard and Hildegard and a kind mother.

Reinhard Yunas Restia (ラインハルト・ユナス・レスティア Reinharuto Yunasu Resutia?)

The first prince of Knight Kingdom of Lestia who is now a king. An elder brother to Hildegard and an admirably refreshing prince. Has a fiancee. Possesses the holy sword Lestia which has a recovery ability enchanted upon it.

Roadmare Union

Audrey Leliban (オードリー・レリバン Ōdori Reriban?)

The Hillside Province governor of Roadmare. After the Phrase invasion of Roadmare, she serves as doge of Roadmare Union as well. Calm yet impartial politician.

Limit Limitex (リミット・リミテクス Rimitto Rimitekusu?)

The Hillside Province knights’ leader. Female Knight. It seems she missed the marriageable age and is getting a little impatient.

Volk Ragil (フォルク・ラジール Foruku Rajīru?)

The former governor of Roadmare’s Central Province, and doge. He was expelled from his seat because of his negligence on armed golems’ rampage and Bowman supervision.

Edgar Bowman (エドガー・ボーマン Edogā Bōman?)

Roadmare’s magic engineer. He considers himself a genius, but he is not that much. Committing various crimes, he got decapitation punishment.

Felsen Magic Kingdom

Boulanger Frost Felsen (ブランジェ・フロスト・フェルゼン Buranje Furosuto Feruzen?)

The king of Felsen Magic Kingdom. Broadminded giant old man. Weapons maniac. He is engaged to Regulus’s second princess Ellicia.

Amond (アモンド Amondo?)

The prime minister of Felsen. A middle-aged man with the sharp look.

Ludo (ルドー Rudō?)

Felsen's court magician. He is indifferent unless it is something of interest to him.

Easeus (イーゼス Īzesu?)

The guild master for Felsen’s huge guild 「Mystic chamber of commerce and industry」 that run everything. Wears shady-looking sunglasses.

Leord Frost Felzen (レオルド・フロスト・フェルゼン Reorudo Furosuto Feruzen?)

The predecessor king of Felsen. The older brother of the present king. He lost his life while fighting with 「Golden Association (Goldias) 」.

Xenoahs Demon Kingdom

Zelgadi Von Xenoahs (ゼルガディ・フォン・ゼノアス Zerugadi Fon Zenoasu?)

The Overlord of Xenoahs Demon Kingdom. Although the demon king, he is Sakura’s father. Daughter-limited doting parent. He was thrust at with a letter of divorce by Sakura’s mother Fiana.

Faron Von Xenoahs (ファロン・フォン・ゼノアス Faron Fon Zenoasu?)

Xenoahs’s first prince. Quite persistent but he seems stupid.

Farese Von Xenoahs (ファレス・フォン・ゼノアス Faresu Fon Zenoasu?)

Xenoahs’s second prince. Bookworm. Receiving the aftermath of Sakura's assassination attempt, he gives up his right to the throne.

Sirius Frennel (シリウス・フレンネル Shiriusu Ferenneru?)

Spica’s Father. Dark Elf. The Overlord's close aide. The captain of the guards.

Swella Frennel (スウェラ・フレンネル Suwera Ferenneru?)

Spica’s Mother. Dark Elf.

Severus Arnos (セブルス・アルノス Saburusu Arunosu?)

The parent’s house of the second prince’s mother, the eldest son of the great merchant’s family Arnos. Planned the assassination of Sakura who was an obstacle. His involvement came to light because of Touya great efforts and disappeared with a public guillotine.

Kingdom of Hannock

Lento (レント Rento?)

A villager from Quint village in Kingdom of Hannock. A childhood friend of Paolo, a member of the Brunhild Knight Order.

Divine Realm

World God (神様 Kami-sama?)

The God of the World. The perpetrator who sent Touya to this world. Basically a good person (human) . A person (human) ? An awfully good person (human) who manages a lot of worlds. Is he a person (human) ?

Subordinate God (従属神 Jūzokushin?)

Taking the form of a gourd, manipulated Hideyoshi the monkey, and schemed to rule Eashen. His true identity is a NEET god who can’t get any sort of work. He was defeated by Moroha, the god of swords, but he separated himself to one of his alter egos before disappearing and metastasized to somewhere.


Dolan (ドラン Doran?)

The owner of "Silver Moon" and the father of Micah. A red bearded man with a hearty personality. Has become totally addicted to shougi taught by Touya. Lately, it seems he has a good relationship with a widow.

Zanac Zenfield (ザナック・ゼンフィールド Zanakku Zenfīrudo?)

The shopkeeper managing the clothing shop "Fashion King Zanac" at Reflet Town. An unusual person of the world whom Touya met when he first came came to this world. He, being an unexpectedly shrewd person, has clients even in the royal capital. Unlikely to have a good naming sense.

Barral (バラル Bararu?)

The owner of the "Eight Bears Weapon Shop" from Reflet. As the shop name implies, he is as huge as a bear but has a calm personality. His height is not less than 2 meters. A shougi partner to Dolan from "Silver Moon".

Aer (アエル Aeru?)

An owner of the coffee shop "Parent" in Reflet. A friend of Micah from "Silver Moon". Was taught how to make ice cream by Touya.

Sulas (スラス Surasu?)

A receptionist of the Moon Reader Cafe. Has short brown hair. One of the women that had been made into slaves and was saved by Touya in the Rabbi Desert.

Belle (ベルエ Berue?)

A receptionist of the Moon Reader Cafe. Has long wavy brown hair. One of the women that had been made into slaves and was saved by Touya in the Rabbi Desert.

Nia (ニア Nia?)

A person in charge of cooking at the Moon Reader Cafe. Has black hair. Mia’s elder sister. One of the women that had been made into slaves and was saved by Touya in the Rabbi Desert.

Mia (ミア Mia?)

A person in charge of cooking at the Moon Reader Cafe. Has black hair. Nia’s younger sister. One of the women that had been made into slaves and was saved by Touya in the Rabbi Desert.

Sylvie (シルヴィ Shiruvi?)

A leader at the Moon Reader Cafe. An older sister one can rely upon. A waitress. One of the women that had been made into slaves and was saved by Touya in the Rabbi Desert.

Marika (マリカ Marika?)

A fully energetic waitress of the Moon Reader Cafe. One of the women that had been made into slaves and was saved by Touya in the Rabbi Desert.

Wendy (ウェンディ Wendi?)

The youngest waitress of the Moon Reader Cafe. Will’s girlfriend?. One of the women that had been made into slaves and was saved by Touya in the Rabbi Desert.

Will (ウィル Wiru?)

A young boy and an apprentice adventurer that was saved at the Rabbi Desert. There is a good vibe between him and Wendy. Vice-Commander of the Belfast Knight Order Neil is pleased by his demeanor.

Pam (パム Pamu?)

A granddaughter of the head of the Rauri tribe, a battle tribe consisting of nothing but women living in the Great Sea of Trees. Has huge breasts. Has received an assistance from Touya’s group during the "Pruning Ceremony" and became the chief of the people of the tree nation.

Spirit of the Great Tree (大樹の精霊 Taiju no Shouryou?)

The incarnation of the Tree God that is spreading its roots throughout the Great Sea of Trees. Being revered by the people living in that area. Possesses a special quality of nurturing and is protecting life.

Sonia Parallem (ソニア・パラレム Sonia Pararemu?)

A Melleee fighter of the dragon clan. A user of Internal Power (Hakkei) . A possessor of magic eyes capable of breaking illusions. Having avenged her benefactor’s enemy in Yulong, she settles down in Brunhild.

Rengetsu (蓮月 (れんげつ) Rengetsu?)

A bald headed boujutsu user. Was born in Eashen. Capable of using Internal Power (Hakkei) , same as Sonia due to being her partner. Similar to Sonia, he settles down in Brunhild.

Jesty Parallax (ジェスティ・パララックス Jesuti Pararakkusu?)

Searching for Xiaofah the enemy of his father in Yulong. Borrowing the help of Sonia and Rengetsu, he somehow accomplished his long-cherished desire. After that, he settled down in Brunhild along with the flow.

Lop (ロップ Roppu?)

A 13-year old rookie adventurer (at the time of introduction) who has arrived at Brunhild to capture its dungeon. Was born in Pyton village in Regulus. A meek boy who’s proficient with the spear.

Fran (フラン Furan?)

A 13-year old rookie adventurer (at the time of introduction) who has arrived at Brunhild to capture its dungeon. Was born in Pyton village in Regulus. An unyielding girl who’s proficient with the sword.

Klaus (クラウス Kurausu?)

A 13-year old rookie adventurer (at the time of introduction) who has arrived at Brunhild to capture its dungeon. Was born in Pyton village in Regulus. A diligent boy who’s proficient with bows.

Eon (イオン Ion?)

A 13-year old rookie adventurer (at the time of introduction) who has arrived at Brunhild to capture its dungeon. Was born in Pyton village in Regulus. An airhead girl who’s proficient with magic having the attributes of fire and earth.

Ende (エンデ Ende?)

The real name is Endymion. ”A person who crosses over” who has the ability to cross over to different worlds. Watches over the 「Sovereign」 of the Phrase who is crossing the worlds without conscious in state of apparent death.

Lycee (リセ Rize?)

One of dominant class, who reigning at the top of Phrase. A female type. She watch over the「Sovereign」's path while keeping the distance from other dominant class.

Nei (ネイ Nei?)

Dominant class. A female type. Wishes for the return of the「Sovereign」. She hates Ende.

Gira (ギラ Gira?)

Dominant class. A male type. Has arrogant personality who likes fighting. Aims for the power of the 「Sovereign」 by fusing voluntarily with oneself, so he can become the “King” of Phrase.

Dragon King (竜王 Ryuu Ou?)

A man from the dragon clan who manipulated (though he pretended to) the dragons from Dragoness Island. Was quickly double-crossed and had half of his body eaten by a dragon.

Javert (ジャベール Jabēru?)

A slave merchant from the Sandora Kingdom. Had employed small time adventurers to kidnap people from dungeons and turn them into slaves.

Garland Goldie (ガーランド・ゴールディ Gārando Gōrudi?)

The former chief of Golden Association (Goldias) . He blew himself and died along with the former king of Felzen.

Galzeld Goldie (ガルゼルド・ゴールディ Garuzerudo Gōrudi?)

The son of Garland Goldie, the former chief of Golden Association (Goldias) . Using Taboo Magic Scared Ground (Sanctuary) , he tried to obtain his own kingdom but was blocked by Touya and his group, receiving the hellish punishment that caused abnormality to his mind.

Sol (ソル Soru?)

Magic warrior of Golden Association (Goldias) . In the world formed after Scared Ground (Sanctuary) would be used, he was promised the position of general but he was defeated by Touya and his group.

Chieh Xiaofah (チェイ・ジャオファ Chei Jaofa?)

An adventurer who fell to being a thief. By obtaining the sovereign’s seal, and borrowing the help of Golden Association (Goldias) misinterpreted himself as heavenly lord, but he was later abandoned. He was killed at the end due to the enmity by Jesty and the gang.

Professor Deborah Elks (デボラ・エルクス博士 Debora Erukusu Hakase?)

A first class master magic craftsman during the times of the ancient civilization. Held an enmity towards professor Regina Babylon. However, her abilities fall far behind Babylon’s.


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