King of Slave, and Renewal is the 269th chapter of the Web Novel series, and the twenty-first chapter of the 26th Story Arc, What You Can Do For Tomorrow.


Touya and a group of knights from Brunhild Knight Order travel to the Kingdom of Sandora to try and free the residents of the Great Sea of Trees that had been captured. Touya discovers that the city is almost identical to the rumors he heard with the lower class area being stricken with vast degrees of poverty.

Upon meeting the King of Sandora he discovers that the actions he took were fufill his own selfish desires.

Chapter Notes

  • This is Touya's first time travelling to the Kingdom of Sandora for official business.
  • The lower class area of the city and the upper class have a vast degree of differences with the lower class area falling into disrepair and the upper class area being both well maintained and heavily guarded.
  • This is the first meeting between Touya and the King of Sandora.

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  • The capital city is split between the lower class citizens and the upper class citizens with the areas reflecting the status of the respective residents.[1]
  • Lower class citizens are also able to own slaves of their own but the clothes that the slaves would wear are considerably more ragged and torn and most of the slaves are malnourished.[1]


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