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Summons, and White Tiger. (召喚、そして白虎。 Shōkan, soshite Byakko.?) is the 30th chapter of the Web Novel Series and the last chapter of the 4th Story Arc, People of The Royal Family.


Chapter Notes

  • To begin summoning something, one needed to draw a magic circle.
  • The thing which being summoned is completely random, depending on the quality of magic of the magician.
  • Yumina drew a magic circle at the backyard of Silver Moon Inn.
  • The chalk is created from compressed demon stone fragments.
  • One must fulfilled the request of the summoned thing before one can make any contract.
  • The request that the silver wolves asked was to feed the until full.
  • The leader of the silver wolves is named Silva.
  • When one made a contract with the leader of a pack, then one also controlled all of its subordinate.
  • If one failed to make any contract with the summoned thing, it will flee and won't be able to be summoned again.
  • In the process of fulfilling request, the summoned thing can't exist outside the magic circle and can't attack outside the magic circle unless the summoner enter the circle.
  • It is possible for beginner to summon a high tier summon.
  • By random chance, Touya summoned the white tiger, one of four divine beasts.
  • The white tiger was emitting menacing aura which able to pressure lower rank being.
  • The menacing aura was not affecting Touya at all.
  • The white tiger sensed a higher spirit's divine protection on Touya's magic power.
  • The white tiger's request was to test the summoner magic power in quality and quantity.
  • Touya was able to knock out the white tiger using his magic power.
  • The white tiger accepted Touya as her master and received "Kohaku" as her name.
  • Touya's magic is hardly decreasing when channeling huge amount of magic.
  • Kohaku asked Touya to stay in this world.
  • Kohaku changed her appearance becoming a tiger cub to mask her overpowering appearance.

Quick References

Character in Order of Appearance Location
  • Dark Magic
    • Lizard-man Summoning (mentioned)
    • Silver Wolf Summoning (Yumina)
    • Demon Beast Summoning (Touya)


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