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Inn, and First Meal. (宿屋、そして初の食事。 Yadoya, soshite Hatsu no Shokuji?) is the forth chapter of the Web Novel Series and the forth chapter of the 1st Story Arc, Called to Another World.


Touya Mochizuki went into Silver Moon Inn where he met Micah, the inn receptionist. Touya booked the inn for 30 days and while doing so, he learned the world's currency. After checking his room at the third floor, Touya when down for having his first meal. After having his lunch, Touya decided to take a stroll. During his walk, Touya noticed a distress argument in the back alley. Touya decided to see what happened.

Chapter Notes

  • Touya arrived at Silver Moon inn and met the 20-year-old red-haired-with-ponytail Innkeeper, Micah.
  • It cost two copper coins to stay one night at Silver Moon inn with morning and evening meals.
  • One gold coin is worth 100 copper coins.
  • It is not the norm to state the family name before the given name.
  • Touya booked 30 days at Silver Moon inn and got room at the innermost room on the third floor.

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