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Marriage Blue, and Catalog List. (マリッジブルー、そしてカタログリスト。 Marijjiburū, soshite Katarogu Risuto.?) is the 444th chapter of the Web Novel Series and the first chapter of the 31st Story Arc, Wedding & Honeymoon.


After finishing the invitation letters for his wedding, Touya decided to work on the wedding favors. Touya then started to search wedding favors option using his smartphone. Having no idea about the favors, Touya went out for a walk and arrived at the training ground. Touya saw Elze on the bench who was blank staring. It was revealed that Elze was having marriage blue about her future responsibilities as the queen of the dukedom, as parent, and many others. Touya comforted her by reminding her that she is not alone because he is present so does the other 8 girls and they can help each others. After meeting Elze, Touya then met Yae and Hilde who were also there. Seeing that both of the girls had no major concern, Touya went for Linze using 「Teleport」 who was knitting with grandma Tokie on the castle balcony. Touya found that Linze was not that anxious regarding their future, she was eager about it. Linze even had already knitting baby clothes for all the wives. On that night, as Linze's suggestion, Touya had group discussion with his fiancées. They had discussion about the favor catalog list until late night.

Chapter Notes

  • Giving wedding favors is not a custom in the world.
  • There is a local custom that give gifts as a sign of gratitude for attending the ceremony.

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