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Wedding March, and Groom and Bride Entrance. (結婚行進曲、そして新郎新婦入場。 Kekkon Kōshinkyoku, soshite Shinrōshinpu Nyūjō.?) is the 448th chapter of the Web Novel Series and the fifth chapter of the 31st Story Arc, Wedding & Honeymoon.


On his wedding day, Touya is getting ready while feeling nervous. While waiting for the party, Grandpa Shinnosuke introduced Touya to several gods who are attending the ceremony. The wedding ceremony is starting when Laim called Touya to come at the courtyard of the castle where the wedding ceremony is being held. Mendelssohn's Wedding March is played so does other songs when Touya come into the altar. After Touya arrives at the altar, the brides and their family representative come in one by one. Joseph walks Elze and Linze, Jūbei walks Yae, Duke Alfred walks Sue, King Tristwin walks Yumina, King Jamukha walks Leen, Emperor Zephyrus walks Lu, King Zelgadi walks Sakura, and Former King Reid walks Hilde down the aisle based on the order they met Touya. When all the brides are in the altar, Touya summons his elemental spirits to the ceremony.

Chapter Notes

  • God of Doll, God of Flower, and God of Jewel are goddesses (female).
  • God of Dance, God of Strength, God of Craft, God of Glasses, and God of Wanderers are gods (male).
  • According to Touya, God of Theater's gender is in the middle of male and female.
  • All the Babylon sisters, Professor Babylon, Engineer Elka, Fenrir, Shirogane, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Homura, Shizuku, and Nagi become waitress/waiter for the wedding ceremony.

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