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First Battle, and First Reward. (初戦闘、そして初報酬。 Hatsu Sentō, soshite Hatsu Hōshū.?) is the seventh chapter of the Web Novel Series and the seventh chapter of the 1st Story Arc, Called to Another World.


After walking for about two hours, Touya, Elze, and Linze arrived at the East Forest. Not long after they went inside the forest, the horned wolves were ambushing them. Elze was easily knocking down the wolves with her fist while Linze used her magic to burn the wolves. While admiring the girls, Touya also managed to decapitated one wolf. In the end, they managed to kill 6 wolves from the 5 wolves requirement. They then hitched on some passing by carriage when decided to back home. After receiving their reward, Touya, Elze, and Linze went for having meal at the coffee shop in town. Touya then asked the girls to teach him reading and writing the language script and also magic which surprised both of them.

Chapter Notes

  • East Forest is two hours on foot from Reflet Town.
  • Touya and the Silhoueska twins took down 6 horned wolves and cut its horn as subjugation proof.
  • The adventurer ranking from the lowest to the highest is black, purple, green, blue, red, silver, and gold.
  • Touya asked to learn the world's writing system from the Silhoueska twins and Linze would taught him.

Quick References

Character in Order of Appearance Location
  • Quest:
    • Horned Wolves Subjugation (Black Rank)
  • Fire Magic:
    • Ignis Fire (Linze)
  • Equipment:
    • Katana (Touya)
    • Mismatched Gauntlets (Elze)


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