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Seaching for Babylon, and Katana Production Request. (バビロン捜索、そして刀製作依頼。 Babiron Sōsaku, soshite Katana Seisaku Irai.?) is the 75th chapter of the Web Novel Series and the third chapter of the 10th Story Arc, Everyday Life 2.


After retrieving Francesca who they had accidentally left behind at the quest site they return to the mansion where Touya discusses the lack of information concerning the remaining Pieces of Babylon. The next day Touya and the others go to the Adventurer Guild to confirm that they successfully completed the request. As a reward for completing the request Touya, Linze, Elze and Yae have their ranks increased to red while Yumina rank increases to blue. They also receive 10 silver coins and the title Golem Buster as well as acknowledgement for their success.

After their business at the Guild is completed the group splits up with Elze going to train with General Leon (accompanied by Kohaku) and Linze and Yumina heading to the magic shop (with Kuroyou and Sango) while Touya and Yae travel to Eashen to pick up Yae's new katana.

Chapter Notes

  • Touya's, Elze's, Linze's and Yae's Guild rank increases to red and Yumina's increases to blue.
  • They also receive the title Golem Buster for successfully completing the request.

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    • Guild Cards (Touya,Elze, Linze and Yae Rank Increase to Red) (Yumina Rank Increase To Blue)


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