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Magic, and Aptitude. (魔法、そして適性。 Mahō, soshite Tekisei.?) is the eighth chapter of the Web Novel Series and the eighth chapter of the 1st Story Arc, Called to Another World.


For testing Touya's aptitude toward magic attribute, Linze showed him the magic stones. Using a blue magic stone, Linze was able to summon water from the stone while her twin sister, Elze could not summon any water using the same spell. Linze then mentioned that even though she could use water magic and her sister could not, she also could not use body strengthening magic but her sister could. Surprisingly, when Touya done the same procedure, the amount of water being summoned was excessive which meant that Touya has superior magic power than Linze. They then pardoned themselves after making ruckus inside the cafe. Later, Touya spent the day learning the writing system of the world's language. Surprisingly, Touya was able to memorize the alphabet quickly than he would expected.

Chapter Notes

  • To use magic, an aptitude toward the element -magic attribute- is needed.
  • Magic stones, colored transparent stones, are used to test Touya's aptitude toward certain magic attribute.
  • Blue magic stone is for water magic.
  • Linze has aptitude toward water magic while Elze only has aptitude toward body strengthening magic.
  • Touya's magic power shown to be far superior that Linze.
  • Touya demonstrated his memorization ability by easily memorize the new writing system.

Quick References

Character in Order of Appearance Location
  • Water Magic:
    • Water Summoning (Linze)
    • Water Summoning (Touya)


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