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Attribute, and Movement Magic. (属性、そして移動魔法。 Zokusei, soshite Idō Mahō.?) is the ninth chapter of the Web Novel Series and the ninth chapter of the 1st Story Arc, Called to Another World.


Touya was studying under Linze's teaching while Elze went to do guild's quest by herself. Continuing on from their last meeting, Linze explained to Touya the function of each magic stone. Touya then started to test his magic affinity using the stones in order. He found that he has aptitude toward all element which is amazingly rare among people. He also shown to have higher magical power which makes the elemental summoning appeared grander than usual. After having testing all of the element, Touya went for the null magic stone. He then tried to cast 「Gate」 and to their surprise, he could use the spell. Apparently Touya opened the gate to East Forest where they met Elze on the other end. They then finished the training and went into the inn for lunch while Elze when to the guild for finishing her quest.

Chapter Notes

  • The introduction of the 7 magic attributes, which are fire, water, earth, wind, light, dark and null.
  • Linze has aptitude toward fire, light, and water. She also stated that she is good at fire magic but bad with light magic.
  • Light magic is holy magic, dark magic is summoning magic, and null magic is personal magic.
  • Red magic stone is for fire magic, light brown for earth, green for wind, yellow for light, purple for dark, and colorless magic stone for null magic.
  • Touya has aptitude for all 7 elemental magic.

Quick References

Character in Order of Appearance Location
  • Quest:
    • Herb Collecting (Black Rank)
  • Magic:
    • Fire Summoning (Touya)
    • Earth Summoning (Touya)
    • Wind Summoning (Touya)
    • Light Summoning (Touya)
    • Dark Summoning (Touya)
  • Null Magic:


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