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The Workshop of Babylon (バビロンの「工房」 Babiron no "Kōbō"?) is one of the nine legacies left behind by the genius Doctor Babylon that was created approximately 5000 years during the time of the ancient Partheno Civilization. It was later discovered by Touya Mochizuki and is managed by the gynoid High Rosetta. It is the second Babylon to be discovered.


The Workshop of Babylon is made up of small white cubes that can be freely controlled by either High Rosetta or Touya Mochizuki. It serves as a construction facility for the combined Babylon. By manipulating the blocks that form the Workshop it is possible to create any tool or instrument imaginable as long as the materials required are available.[1] Also once an item has been produced it is possible to continue manufacturing that item until the required amount is made. Unfortunately it cannot produce items if there are insufficient materials or the object in question is too complex.[1] The main function of the Workshop is the ability to scan, remodel & construct any object that is scanned. Once a object such as a building is scanned it can then be remodeled to suit the taste of the owner. Once this is completed as long as the required materials are available then the construction of the requested object can the proceed. Depending on the size of the object in question and the amount of available materials the length of time for it's completion can vary, an example of this is the construction of the Brunhild Castle which took three days to complete.[2] A second, smaller Workshop was later constructed by Rosetta and Doctor Babylon in response to the high ammunition output of Leen's personal Frame Gear unit Grimgerde.[3]

The teleportation circle is located within ruins found within the Burning Kingdom of Sandora. It was buried under several tons of sand which cleared away by using wind magic. The circle was found inside a room that accessed by using a magic passage, but once the person entered the room they could not leave even with transportation magic.

List of items created

  • Frame Gears
  • Brunhild Castle
  • Bridges to Enlush Island
  • Dimensional Transfer Gate


  • The Workshop is one of the most frequently used pieces of Babylon due to it's importance in creating Frame Gears (both mass produced models and the personal units for Touya's wives) and other equipment.
  • The Workshop is also responsible for maintenance and repairs of the Frame Gears that are utilized in battles.
  • Each of the items created by the Workshop takes about three days to fully complete.


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