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World Alliance (世界同盟 Sekai Dōmei?), formerly known as East-West Alliance (東西同盟 Tōzai Dōmei?)[1] and West Alliance (西方同盟 Seihō Dōmei?)[2], is a multinational group whose members include almost all countries in the world[3]. Touya Mochizuki is acting as the group leader and Brunhild Dukedom also acts as the host for its monthly congress.



They are not a member but they send their delegation on every congress.


West Alliance

Kingdom of Belfast had the first idea of forming an alliance with other kingdom[4]. With help from Touya Mochizuki, the west alliance was established after the Mismede-Belfast Summit at Kingdom of Mismede[5]. Kingdom of Belfast was able to persuade Refreese Imperium to join the alliance[6]. The engagement of Touya Mochizuki with Yumina Ernea Belfast, first princess of Kingdom of Belfast, and Lucia Rea Regulus, third princess of Regulus Empire, had made possible for the represented kingdom to form alliance[7]. After ideological reformation, Ramissh Theocracy was invited by Brunhild Dukedom for joining the alliance[8]. The newly appointed king of Kingdom of Lihnea was the last one to join the west alliance after receiving approval from the other monarchies[9].

East - West Alliance

After Yuuron crisis, Knight Kingdom of Lestia joins the alliance after Hildegard Minas Lestia and Galen Yunas Lestia, as the ambassador of the knight kingdom visited Brunhild Dukedom while also for proposing to Touya Mochizuki[10]. After Knight Kingdom of Lestia joining the west alliance, the alliance had to change its name became East - West Alliance[11]. Roadmare Union also joining the East - West Alliance after being rescued by the alliance[12].

World Alliance

With Demon Kingdom of Xenoahs, Magic Kingdom of Felsen, and Kingdom of Palouf joining the alliance and possibly Kingdom of Elfrau, Kingdom of Hannock, and Kingdom of Ryle to also joining the alliance, the name of the alliance had to be changed once again became the World Alliance[13].


  • Monthly Congress
    • Alliance Conference (同盟会議 Dōmei Kaigi?) when still West Alliance and East-West Alliance.
    • Two World Congress (二世界会議 Ni Sekai Kaigi?)[14]
  • Foreign Relation:
    • Friendly Sports Match[15]
    • Sakura Watching Festival[12]
  • International Aid:
    • Yulong’s Phrase grand invasion[16]
    • Yulongian Refugees crisis[11]
    • Frame Gear Disaster Aid, such as Behemoth subjugation or landslide rescue.[11][10]
    • Rhodomea's Fureizu grand invasion[17]


No speculations and rumors, just fun facts!
  • The Kings of the alliance often meet up for mahjong games or baseball; much to Touya's irritation.


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