Xenoahs Demon Kingdom (魔王国ゼノアス Maōkoku Zenoasu?) is one of the countries located in the world.


The Xenoahs Demon Kingdom is a kingdom that is comprised mostly (if not completely) of demonkin.[1] The country is bordered by both the Yulong Remnants (formerly the Yulong Heavenly Empire) and the Nokia Kingdom to the south.  

Family Tree of the Monarchy

Queen 1
Queen 2

Note: ‡ current monarch

Notable people


  • Xenoskull: The Royal Capital of the Xenoahs Demon Kingdom[2]
  • Pandemonium: The Royal Palace of the Xenoahs Demon Kingdom[3]
  • Frennel Family Manor: A manor where the guardians of the royal family resides. Sakura and her mother lived here for an unknown amount of time.[4]   
  • Radom: A town where mainly criminals resided. It became a target for the mutated Phrase    


  • This country is where the teleportation circle for the Library of Babylon is located.[5]
  • The country closed it's borders to all foreigners and is not proactively involved with other countries.[5]


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