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Zadonia, Land of Ice (氷国ザドニア Hyōkoku Zadonia?) is a country that once belonged to the parallel world. As its name may indicate, it has long been in a fierce feud with Dauburn, Land of Fire.


Zadonia is a nation that is most well known for its long feud with Dauburn. This feud is a result of an ice god (which is just a powerful spirit) coming to Zadonia long ago to claim the king's son as a living sacrifice. In reality, the spirit simply wanted to make a pact with the prince, whom she saw could be a skilled spiritual medium. The king of Zadonia, not wanting to give up his son or anger the ice spirit, told the spirit that his son was stolen by Dauburn, unaware that a fire god came to Dauburn, made an identical claim, and was told that the prince was stolen by Zadonia. Once the spirits discovered the kingdoms' deceit, they turned Zadonia into a frozen wasteland, and Dauburn into a burning hell.

Notable People